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Since orthodontics is elective and may only be partially covered by insurance, cost may be a concern. You may also be wondering if it is less expensive to be seen by your general dentist for orthodontics vs being treated by a specialist orthodontist. Orthodontic cost is a common internet search item but maybe a better way of looking at it is to ask what your goals are?

Do you value a quality outcome?

Begin with the end in mind. It is a relatively simple matter to slap braces on someone and start to straighten teeth after attending a weekend course. It is a far different matter to develop a logical plan to straighten teeth to create the best dental/facial aesthetics and function while keeping in mind the patient’s age, development, prior dental history and needs.

Do you value efficiency?

A specialist orthodontist only accomplishes orthodontics. A general dentist moves from fillings, to surgical procedures, then a root canal and finally transitions to an orthodontic appointment. General dentists are very capable in their world, but it would be the rare individual who could manage all those disparate functions at a high level. Additionally, our staff has specialized training, and they exclusively work in orthodontics for greater efficiency. This is why the cost for orthodontic treatment from a specialist will typically cost no more than that from a general dentist. Another area of efficiency is knowing when not to treat. As an example, too often in orthodontics we see children treated in that age 7-to-11-year old age range when the outcome may not be improved by extra appointments and cost. An orthodontist with years of education is best placed to make that call

Do you value expertise?

Orthodontics is a very complex endeavor. Even though orthodontists have accomplished 2 to 3 years of specialty training they must continually keep up with advances in the profession through continuing education. Like in other areas of life, technology has revolutionized how orthodontics is delivered and we have to ride that wave. Both of our orthodontists are also Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics, the highest standard in the profession.

What is more important to you, cost or value?

Value is defined as: the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. And: a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life. The two are related but for example, a cheap cost for unnecessary or poorly executed orthodontic treatment is of poor value.

In Summary

The course or cost of orthodontic treatment is not something that can be provided over a phone call. It’s like giving an opinion on a person’s choice of necktie over the phone. There are many factors to consider. Chief among these is timing.
Carefully considering a child’s development can prevent extended time in treatment with the attendant extra costs and number of appointments. Or a patient may require a referral to other providers prior to starting in orthodontics. In other cases, there may be restorative options to suggest that would not even require orthodontics. Then there are the patient’s desires and the difficulty of the case to consider.
Some milder cases may be treated with aligners, some are definitely braces only and then there is a middle ground where we may use both in a “hybrid” approach. Finally, an important consideration is what are your predicted out of pocket costs after insurance is calculated? An in-person evaluation can answer all of these questions. Our doctors can answer the clinical questions and the administrative staff will handle the financial, insurance and scheduling questions.The evaluation is complementary and unlike many offices, we do not believe in pressuring to start treatment the same day to make sure you are comfortable before proceeding.

Experience 5 Star Quality Service

Since 2007, Dr. Mark Bentele has treated many patients like you in the Colorado Springs area, creating healthy smiles that can last a lifetime. In addition to our advanced technology and extensive experience, you can also count on the numerous extra steps we take to give you an outstanding orthodontic experience. Our office prides itself on our complimentary smile assessment, convenient appointment times, flexible financing, and more.


To experience our 5-star-rated orthodontic care, schedule your Complimentary Assessment today by calling (719) 268-7138 or by clicking the side chat panel to speak with a live agent. This assessment covers:

  • Meeting Dr. Bentele to discuss your goals
  • Examination
  • Goal setting
  • Demonstration of similar cleft lip & palate cases
  • Timing of treatment and how long it will take

We will take the time to explore your unique needs and answer your questions prior to recommending the next steps. We always provide a straightfoward, evidence-based plan with a consultative approach to help you feel comfortable and ready to proceed with treatment. We look forward to meeting you!

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