Invisalign or Aligner Treatment

Invisalign is one of many labs that produce a clear aligner to help straighten teeth.  Dr. Bentele prefers aligners from Clear Correct (  Clear Correct is manufactured in the United States instead of Mexico like Invisalign, can be provided at a lower cost and midcourse corrections are easier to accomplish.  Aligners work in a CAD/CAM process.  A computer generated model of the mouth is generated and the teeth are moved no more than a third of a millimeter for each aligner tray.  As the tray is placed in the mouth it squeezes the teeth into a new position over a 3 week period and then a new tray is inserted.  The evaluation process is very important for aligner treatment.  There is a high dissatisfaction level with aligner treatment mainly because of two problems.

1) Overpromising/underperforming.  Aligners can work well for minor treatment cases.  Conventional orthodontics will be a much better choice for more severe cases.  There is a high consumer interest level in Invisalign treatment because of a big marketing budget and a desire for something that sounds too good to be true.  (What did your mother tell you about that?) An experienced orthodontist is your best ally to determine if you are a candidate for aligner treatment or if you would have a better outcome with conventional braces. 

2) The second problem with aligners is the need for 22 hour a day wear.  Even in an appropriate case they will not work unless the patient is committed to the wear schedule.   As long as expectations are reasonable and objectives achievable, aligners can be a great choice for adults who want to improve their smile without braces.

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What our patients say...

We went to an evaluation at an orthodontist before this one and the price seemed kind of high so then I came to an evaluation here & not only was the price lower but immediately we felt very comfortable and loved the atmosphere of the office. The staff is wonderful, always on time & Dr. Bentele is a great Dr. - very knowledgeable, friendly & with excellent communication. I would recommend this practice to everyone!

We highly recommend Dr. Bentele and his practice. He is honest, friendly, skilled & timely - you name it. He and his staff are wonderful! Angela at the front desk is especially kind and helpful. Best of all - Dr. Bentele creates a wonderful outcome of beautiful teeth. I've experienced two other orthodontists with other children and Dr. Bentele definitely outshines all - in every way - even in cost! I can't speak highly enough about Bentele Orthodontics!

This office is extremely thorough in explaining all aspects of orthodontics from finances to procedures. I'm very confident in this office.

Dr. Bentele makes the patient feel comfortable with his skill and calm confidence. He's honest about the treatment needed and tries to keep the patient informed of the treatment.

Dr. Bentele is our orthodontist for our two children. He provided clear treatment plans with a practical approach. Dr. Bentele does all of the banding and bonding himself and the office appointments are appropriately scheduled. Our children get in and out quickly and the office is never overscheduled, resulting in short waits and unhurried treatment. We're very satisfied and would recommend our friends to see Dr. Bentele!

Dr. Bentele and all staff have been very professional and the cost was reasonable. The approach of not having braces on longer than necessary is one area where I have seen other children suffer (children who went to other orthodontists). The way Dr. Bentele explains what he is doing and why has been good for my daughter to learn the importance of her treatment. I appreciate Dr. Bentele's patience with us as we experienced a difficult financial time during the beginning of our process.