Digital Orthodontic X-rays

Bentele Orthodontics offers the latest technology with a digital Planmeca Promax.  It offers superior clarity and detail with minimal x-ray (radiographic) exposure compared to traditional film.  One digital panorex on the the Planmeca has less than 10% of the radiation exposure of a traditional full mouth set of film x-rays and gives a much broader view of the teeth and associated structures.

  1. Panoramic X-ray
    This view shows not only the teeth but all of the root structures, the supporting bone, developing wisdom teeth, sinus cavities, and jaw joints (TMJs).  The panorex is useful beyond orthodontics as Dr. Bentele has been able to detect and refer patients for degenerative joints in the neck, calcified carotid arteries, calcified ligaments causing swallowing problems and calcified salivary glands.

  2. Cephalometric film
    A cephalometric film is a lateral head view that allows the orthodontist to measure and evaluate the relative position of the upper jaw to the lower jaw.  The angulation of the incisors outwards is also measured which guides the orthodontic treatment planning.  For example: if the incisors angle back then orthodontically angling them forward will give better lip support.  Conversely, if the incisors are angled outwards causing lip protrusion the extraction of some teeth may be indicated to correct an unstable/unaesthetic position.

  3. Dolphin Imaging: 
    This program manages the digital x-ray images.  This program interfaces with the Planmeca machine to take the images.  Then the x-ray images are adjusted for contrast and exposure and cropped to an ideal size.  Bony and soft tissue structures within the cephalometric films are digitally plotted so any number of measurements are available with a mouse click.  Dolphin Imaging even has the capability to produce a surgical prediction.  The profile photo is overlaid on the cephalometric x-ray.  The bony structure and teeth can then be digitally changed to a new position and the profile photo is morphed to give an idea of the outcome of a planned orthognathic surgical procedure.

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